Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
.Ultra Comfortable Ear cups - Enjoy your music with comfort and no pain to your ears.
.5-7hours playing time.10Meters distance.
.3D stereo sound effect,super low bass for doing sports,playing games etc.
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Excellent Sound play
excellent sound and amazing will keep you in the zone longer and psych you up for a hard session
Support Android&IOS
support for all mobile use
5-7hours playing time
200mah battery for playing time 5-7hours
Good quality hard material use and comfortable earpads for wearing comfortable
Smart Wearable Devices
4G Smart Watch Phone

Smart Wristband

Fitness Tracker Sport Bracelet

set up
OEM&ODM Services

Professional software and hardware services

Oversea sales in 50 countries
Good Product must be special. When you see it, your heart will tell you that you want .
The bass is tuned perfectly and the highs don't static out for gym and for chilling listening to tunes
he bwass iwes tuned perfectly and the highs don't static out. I usweewewwe twhese in the gym and for chillingeee at homwe listening to tunesweedcfddd
Fitness Tracker every day

Wearing our wireless earphones and activity tracker smartwatch for Sport/Gym,enjoy happy and healthy life everyday!
ODM&OEM provide customize product design,software,hardware service
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